Sunday, November 22, 2009


So i figured i would update my blog only because Melodie keeps looking at my blog checking for updates. :).. So here ya go Melodie :)..

Dylan had an echo done on the 12th of November but unfortunately i don't have those results yet. :(.. Dylan is doing very well.. He talks all the time. Hes now grabbing onto things and wont let them go. He loves to kick and laugh. Its actually quit funny at times. But then it gets frustrating too because he wont stop. He kicks in the same spot over and over again. He loves animals now. He will laugh at my dog when hes just sitting there doing nothing. He can kinda roll over but not quit yet. He is completely off the blood thinners.. YAY!.. but thats about all for now

Melodie i will keep updating this just for you :)

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